Do not be fooled into believing that the rules of ethics prohibit, or regulate, only advertising. In reality, these rules touch all aspects of client development endeavors. Asked to appear on television, or write a newspaper article? There are rules! Do you know them? Are you named as one of the “Best Lawyers in America” (or hope to be)? Be careful! Even vanity license plates have gotten lawyers into trouble. Interestingly advertising on condom wrappers has passed muster, (the Model Code required “dignified,” the Model Rules do not).

Litigation continues today testing the constitutional boundaries of permissible attorney advertising. But, do you want your marketing/advertising to present the next “test case”? If not you need to pay careful attention to the details of marketing/advertising regulations in your state.

The regulation of legal advertising and marketing touches almost every attorney. This course by attorney, Jim Moore focuses on the particular rules that tend to place limits on and ensure honesty in legal marketing. The discussion circles around the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and various court cases. However, state bar associations’ ethics opinions are also used to illustrate particular concepts.

Overall I was impressed with the substance of the seminar. In fact, the interactive format of the seminar spawns greater benefit to the participant than the traditional lecture forum.
Howard Glick, Birmingham, Ala.

Course Author: Jim Moore

Course Credit: One hour Dual

Ethics of Marketing Legal Services