The ADA and the Workplace
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Alabama Bankruptcy/Divorce Issues
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Advocacy Ethics
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Alabama Not to Compete Covenants and Their Enforceability
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Ethics of Corporate Representation
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Lawyer-Mediator-Snitch? The Ethics of Mediator Testimony
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Ethics of Marketing Legal Services
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Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct - Part 4
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Introduction to Arbitration
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Lawyer Ethics in Mediation 102
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Ethics of Family Practice
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Disclosures Under Federal Rule 26(a)
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The Patriot Act
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Subdivision: The Purpose and Nature
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Tennessee Divorce & Bankruptcy after BAPCPA-Part 1
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Ethics for Tennessee Lawyer Neutrals
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Tennessee Mediation Ethics
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Excellent. I am a former Rule 31 mediator, and I still got tripped up on some of the questions. Jason E., Morristown TN
This was a good, straightforward course, and I learned a lot about mediation. James L, Chattanooga TN
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Joe Manuel is smart and talented, as I knew he would be when I knew him in college at the University of Memphis! Bruce W., Memphis TN
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Course kept my attention and raised interesting points about methods which attorneys and courts have used in the past to force settlements on parties. John B., Newport TN
I've participated as counsel in several mediations, but still learned quite a bit. Very good course. Edmund A., Atlanta GA
The Tennessee Revised Uniform Partnership Act
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The Uniform Mediation Act
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Trademark Law And Issues in a Nutshell
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