is obviously not a traditional University, no bricks or mortar. However, we are committed to excellence and intend to continue to provide the legal community with exceptional educational programs and materials. Our faculty is comprised of the best attorneys in their areas of practice. While "live" seminars will never be replaced by use of electronic communication, seminars can be expanded to an extent previously unthinkable.

Traditional CLE seminars and on-line CLE have the same purpose. The primary function of each is the dissemination and discussion of information of interest to the legal community. "" melds together numerous methods of offering CLE courses. We feel we both compliment and take advantage of the benefits afforded by each method. As you will see when taking the on-line courses now available, the depth of the information we are able to present on-line is astounding. Whenever a reference is made by "faculty" to an opinion or document, we provide you with instant access to the full text. E-mail access is provided to all "faculty" so that your questions about any material can be answered. Our growing catalog of courses also includes courses available in PDA format.

You can check out all of the CLE offerings by checking out our Course Catalog link. By clicking on the Faculty link you can learn about the attorney[s] who have putthe online CLE programs together. When you're ready to sign-up for a class/seminar, click on the "Register" link. When you register for an on-line CLE course, you will be given a course name and password which will give you access to the course materials. By clicking the "Enter Classroom" link you can begin to take the course. Although we anticipate changing passwords on a regular basis, it is our intention to allow a student access to the materials until such time as the materials are updated.

The goal is the presentation of quality information in a manner which is the most useful and effective possible. Suggestions on how to make any course better will always be appreciated.