Take a course on your desktop computer
Click the link below to view the list of courses available for completion utilizing your desktop computer.

What ARE desktop computer based Courses?
A desktop computer based course offers todays legal professionals CLE programs designed to meet the requirements of the State Metro and Local Bar Associations. These courses are administered through the internet in a variety of 1 hour courses. The courses are interactive in their presentation, and are followed by a post test. The student receives a verification of completion via electronic mail.
Why take CLE courses on the Internet using a desktop computer
Our internet based courses are not meant to replace live seminars, but to augment them. We have received hundreds of comments from legal professionals such as you who enjoy having the ability to schedule their CLE around their busy schedules. CLE is now available literally 24/7! And the desktop courses are designed by some of our nations leading legal professionals.
How do desktop computer courses work?
Once you register for the course of your choice you will automatically be transported to the course introduction. You may proceed with the course at the time you register, or take the course at a more convenient time through our "course resume" option. For more information and a course tutorial Click Here

Click the link below to view the list of courses available for completion on the internet utilizing your desktop computer.